SCS Has Moved!

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Yesterday morning we moved the boys, Avery and Stewie, to their new home at Black Pony Farm.  Black Pony is a smaller farm and has less horses, including the boys there’s 6 in the herd!  They settled in fast since they had each other.  All in all it was a pretty uneventful move which we are grateful for.  We are excited for whats to come!

Our new barn manager, Courtney, was excited to meet the boys and get to know them.  She has allowed us to use the ring to conduct lessons in so our lesson program is still going strong!  We even have a new student, Tori whose going to take lessons on Avery as we train her 6 year old OTTB, Oliver.  We are excited to add both Tori and Oliver to our SCS family!

To CWF.  We want to say thank you.  Thank you for taking care of our boys, allowing us to use your trailer, being one of our biggest cheerleaders, your friendship, and allowing us to be part of the family.

– Christina