Zeke is a Super Star



A long overdue update about whats been going on!  Since moving to Black Pony Farm the horses have still been busy working.  Avery’s leaser followed us and rode him up until the end of January, he has a new one so after some time off he’s back in work.  Tilly has become my own mount that I’ve enjoyed a lot.  She has earned the new nickname of “Red Ferrari”.  Hoping to get her going again with my trainer and maybe take her to a few shows this spring.  Tilly did get some time off in January, but now is back in work.

Zeke has emerged as the rock star of SCS!!  He is helping out with Black Pony’s lesson program and is happily backing beginners.  He is not acting like your typical stubborn lesson horse, however happy to walk and trot forward and keep going while they learn to jump very small x’s.  He has a new leaser who he is helping her get back into riding.  He’s been on his best behavior with her too.  Zeke has gained a ton of weight and muscle in these few months.  He is starting to look like a normal horse!  His feet has also been corrected and has a healthy hoof again.

Will try to keep the website updated as much as possible.

– Christina