SCS Fancy


SCS Fancy  (APHA:  Terry Impressive)

February 3, 2002 South Carolinian bred Quarter Horse dun with one back sock mare by Terry Dixon out of Impressive Shaw.  Bred by Richard Smith of Lugoff, SC.  Lines include Impressive (grandsire), Lucky Bar, and Mardelle Dixon.  HYPP Negative.

Tilly has quite the resume before coming to us.  She has been owned by the same woman for the past 10 years.  In those years she has done a lot.  Jumper experience, shown in Western pleasure, has been a lesson horse for those 10 years, and has been a mount for Special Olympics.  Tilly is an uncomplicated ride and a horse for all our students to enjoy.

Tilly has EPSM (PSSM) which is a metabolic condition requiring her to stay on a special diet and lots of turnout.  The condition has caused her to be overlooked by many when she was for sale, we took the chance after seeing her ad up for a while, and so glad we did!  She’s perfect!

Very attentive to you, enjoys a good pat and eats up the attention you give her.


River Bend Pony Club Stadium Jumping 3/15/2015

What was the Fancy?

The Fancy was the flagship of Henry Every (Avery).  Initially a 46-gun privateer named Charles II, named after the Spanish king, Charles II.  “In Spanish service, commanded by a Captain Gibson, and was anchored at A Coruña, Spain. On 7 May 1694, Henry Every and a few other conspirators organized and carried out a successful mutiny and, setting Captain Gibson ashore, left A Coruña for the Cape of Good Hope.  At this time, the Charles II was renamed Fancy.”  Wiki.   Known for it’s speed, Every had a successful piracy aboard the ship in the Indian Ocean.  The fate of the ship is not known, but the belief is that Every gave the Fancy to the governor of Nassau as a bride when he retired and returned to Britain.