SCS Is Always Evolving

Tilly and Zoe at Morningside Training Farm

Tilly and Zoe at Morningside Training Farm 10/17/2015



Evolution and adaption is an important part of staying in business.  Since we are an equestrian business without our own home base, we have to rent our facility.  Sometimes it does not work out even if everyone came into the agreement with the best intentions.  SCS is moving.  As the business owner, I had made this decision a while ago that the farm we were operating out of was no longer a fit, even though moving will come at a great cost with the dissolving of my partnership with Kim and leaving behind the fruit of my hard work of advertising for boarding and training as the barn is full.  As of November 1st, we will be located back at Black Pony Farm for the winter.  I am moving Avery, Tilly, and Zeke back to the only barn manager besides myself and Kim that I trust.

To answer some questions.  Firstly Kim and I are still good friends, we just operate better apart.  Boarding and training with Second Chance Sporthorses has been suspended until further notice.  Lessons will continue since Kim has agreed to continue teaching students on SCS horses, however our availability is not as open.  I will be actively searching for a new facility and hope to find something soon.  Once we are back in our own place, I do plan on offering all the same services and plus some!  Even some employment opportunities!

Keep checking back!  I may go into a bit of a radio silence for a while, but I am here working on the future in how to best help the equestrian community.

– Christina