Tortuga   (JC: Sammy Be Kwik)

April 11, 2006 West Virginian bred chestnut with LOTS of chrome gelding by Valiant Nature out of Cammy Be Kwik.  He was bred by Mary Elizabeth Moore.  Lines include: Tanks Prospect (1985 Preakness winner), Mr. Prospector, Northern Dancer, and Raise A Native.

Stewie’s calling in life was not to be a race horse.  He had 5 starts and never won any money.  He raced only at Charlestown race track.  Stewie would break cleanly and always ended up in last place or second to last place.  He was entered in only short races, 4 furlongs , so maybe he is a long distance runner?  Their loss, our gain.  Stewie was retired 1/2009 at 3 years old.

Kimberly purchased Stewie from a sales barn in Berryville, VA in December 2010.  She has been slowly bringing him along in eventing.  After being a pair for almost over a year, Kim and Stewie competed in their first recognized horse trials, Waredaca in Laytonsville, MD, October 2012.  Since then Kim has started riding under the tutelage of Lisa Reid.

Stewie is well loved around the barn.  He’s a favorite with every barn manager we’ve had since forming SCS.  His personality is very goofy and lovable.  He will follow you around in the field like a puppy dog begging for attention.  He always keeps Kim on her toes while riding since he still has his baby moments.  He’s a gorgeous mover, lots of suspension and large scopey jump.

UPDATE:  4/27, Stewie was sold to Kaitlyn Proctor to further his career in eventing in the higher levels.  We are sad to see him go, but know he’s going to a fabulous home!


Stewie Dressage Test 10/2012

Kim and Stewie XC Schooling Water Jump

Where’s Tortuga?

Tortuga was pirate seaport located in present day Haiti.  Originally settled by Spanish colonists, 1625 French and English settlers arrived.  At sunrise, Columbus noticed an island whose contours emerged from the morning mist. Because the shape reminded him of a turtle’s shell, he chose the name of Tortuga.  “From 1630 onward, the island of Tortuga was divided into French and English colonies, allowing buccaneers to use the island as their main base of operations” (Wiki).  It was a fortified island havens for privateers, buccaneers, and outright pirates.  Made popular by written word and present day movies.