Training is suspended until further notice

Whether your horse needs a refresher or “restarting”, ground manners, problem solving, polishing or conditioning, we can customize a training program that meets you and your horse’s individual needs. We encourage you to visit your horse to see the progress they’ve made. Prices listed are on top of boarding costs listed on the boarding page. We currently offer a few training services:

Refresher (30 days) – $400 a month:
This includes ground manners, ground work, under saddle work in arena and on trails (if desired), basic directional and transitional control.

Refresher pt 2 (60/90/120 days) – $400 a month:

A continuation of the Refresher to continue to enforce training learned the previous month and to build upon their training.  For horses who are in 90 days training and beyond and horses that were broke by us, this is when we introduce ground poles and jumps.

Restarting Your OTTB or Breaking (30 days) – $450:

When your horse has completed their “let down” time period and is ready to start their new careers. This package includes most of what’s found in the Refresher package except for riding on trails. We take this first month very slow with these guys. If your horse is handling everything well, we can speed it up some but will never overload them.

Training Rides: $40 per ride:

If you need someone experienced to get on for just a few rides to help you through a problem and do not want to commit to a 30 day training package, this one is for you. If you are more than 15 miles from Nokesville, VA then it’s an additional $20 trip fee.


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