Henry Avery

Henry Avery (JC: One Day Sale)

March 3, 2008 Kentucky bred dark bay with a large star and two back socks gelding by Forest Wildcat out of Pop Quality. He was bred by Gulf Coast Farms, LLC. Lines include: Storm Cat (his grandfather!), Secretariat, Native Dancer, Mr. Prospector, Hoist the Flag, and Nasrullah.

Avery had a pretty typical race career. He had 14 starts and won $22,130. He ran mostly at Charles Town race track, and was sold 7 times. He was a sprinter, running in 4 1/2 furlong races. He broke cleanly and always headed straight for the lead, where he held onto it for most of the race, but lost it to late closers.  He did win a few times; it took him 4 tries before he broke his maiden. Retired early November 2011.

We purchased Avery from Camelot Horse Auction in Cranbury, NJ on 3/7/2013.  The week before Avery ran through New Holland and that was all we knew of him besides his tattoo number.  After much digging around and posting for information, we found the missing link to his story.  We found out that Avery had attended hunter shows and even won an award at his first Thoroughbred Celebration Show in Lexington, VA.   Avery had been sold to a woman with the first right of refusal the year before and somehow he ended up at auction without the previous owner’s knowledge.

Avery is a typical Storm Cat progeny.  He is a grouch, which is an understatement.  He is sweet when he wants to be too.  We jokingly call him the herd “enforcer” since is 2nd in command and doesn’t let any of the other horses forget it.  He is a one person horse who enjoys attention and even requires that one on one time to keep his crabbiness under check.  He is a treat hound and feels he’s entitled to them.  We love his personality and he keeps us on our toes.

Up until recently Avery was part of our lesson program, but Christina has decided it’s time to start getting serious about hers and Avery’s hunter career, so he has been pulled from the lesson program.


Avery’s First Dressage Test

Avery’s First Jump Course

Avery’s Race Video

Avery Jump Lesson


Who was Henry Avery?

Taken from Wiki:

Henry Every, also Evory or Avery, (23 August 1659 – after 1696), sometimes erroneously given as John Avery, was an English pirate who operated in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in the mid-1690s. He likely used several aliases throughout his career, including Henry Bridgeman, and was known as Long Ben to his crewmen and associates. Dubbed “The Arch Pirate” and “The King of Pirates” by contemporaries, Every was the most notorious pirate of his time; he earned his infamy by becoming one of the few major pirate captains to retire with his loot without being arrested or killed in battle, and also for being the perpetrator of what has been called the most profitable pirate raid in history. Although Every’s career as a pirate lasted only two years, his exploits captured the public’s imagination, inspired others to take up piracy, and spawned numerous works of literature.”