We Have Moved!!



This past weekend I loaded up my 3 horses and business to move back to Black Pony Farm in Manassas.  Moving the horses was the easiest thing I did and went through.  It was very bittersweet leaving behind the place I considered my sanctuary and what I built up.  However moving back to Black Pony was a homecoming that was much needed!  The quietness of the farm and fellowship of those who are there is much needed.  I plan on wintering at the farm and this coming spring spreading our wings on to a new farm of our own, as that is in the works.

What you can expect of SCS for the next few months, I am still operating and offering services.  The lesson program has dramatically decreased in size to a few loyal students who still want to ride their favorite SCS horse.  2 horses have been leased to competent riders who understand their limitations with another just stepping forward to lease the remaining horse.  I am exploring ideas of expanding our services, announcements to come later!

I do want to take a moment to thank the Ross family.  They allowed me to rent their facilities for a year and half and in that time I learned how to run a boarding and lesson barn and manage personnel.  It wasn’t all that it appears to be when you are just a student or an employee of a lesson barn.  I learned how I will better my operations for later and who I want to associate with.  Most importantly I want to thank Kim.  With her wisdom and patience I grew into a well rounded and practical horse owner since starting SCS together.  I watch her grow as well in her knowledge and admire the horse person she has become.  I am rooting for her in her endeavor.  We are still working out our business relationship and hope we both gain from where our paths go!

– Christina