Avery’s First Combined Test!!


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Morningside Training Farm was a success!!  Avery took 3rd in his division, Cimarron took 1st (!!!), and Beth and Posey didn’t place but they did excellent!  We could not have been more proud of our first timers.  Avery jumped his first course and appears to have enjoyed every second of it and had a clean round.  Afterwards we took the horses cross country schooling.  I put a halter on Avery and showed him the jumps and water!  Sam, our barn manager, took him into the water since she had flip flops on.  He went right in, so trusting, he even drank the water. 

There is talk of going to Morningside’s next CT in August.  Personally, I love this farm.  Their shows are quiet and ran well.  It’s the perfect place to start horses at.  Everyone is also excited for you.  Lots of people loved Avery’s new show bonnet. 

If you’re interested in where we’ve been going, here’s Morningside’s website:

–  Christina


Tomorrow Avery will participate in his first CT at Morningside Training Farm!  We are extremely excited for a few reasons.  Avery has come a long way these past few weeks with his jumping.  He’s starting to build his scope and understand where body parts go when over the fence.  The other reason is because this is his first show since his accident last month that almost took him away from us forever. 

Yesterday was the first day of getting Avery cleaned up for the show.  He did not enjoy the clippers, so it’s something we have to work on with him.  He wasn’t impossible to work with, but he needs to learn to stand still.  We clipped the ear fuzzies and his whiskers around his eyes and muzzle.  This afternoon is bath time!  He normally enjoys that.  😀

At Avery’s first show at Morningside, we entered him in 2 dressage tests.  He took 1st and 2nd place!  Hopefully tomorrow he can continue his winning streak!  Also coming with us tomorrow to their first CT is Strike A Pose, ridden by SCS student Beth (who normally rides Sinister Urge, but he’s currently not feeling well due to the extreme heat), and Outlaw Gentlemen.  Everyone is trained by Kim. 

Wish us all luck!  It’s an early morning and I hope to report back with excellent news.

– Christina