Welcome Roo!

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Yesterday Kim and I (along with Brooks!) picked up our new lesson pony that we’ve named Roo, Calico Jack.  Roo is a 17 year old Paint Quarter Horse who has spent most of his life being a best friend to his former owner, Ashley, and participating in long distant trail rides.  He can no longer do the long distances due to mild arthritis in his front right leg/shoulder.  Roo was known as Rascal to his previous owner and she nicknamed him Roo.  Roo is joining our SCS lesson program to be a beginner horse.  He is an easy going guy, nothing appears to bother him, and he can help our baby OTTBs by showing that situations sometimes don’t need to be overreacted to and be their baby sitter.  If you’re asking yourself why a Quarter Horse when we are a Thoroughbred company?  Well, you cannot pass up a good horse and he’s one!!!

Check out his page to find out more information about who Calico Jack was and for additional information on Roo.

We are excited to have Roo join our lesson program and look forward to allowing him to build confidence in our beginner riders.  He’s going to be loved on by all who get to know him.  Keep checking back to find more news about Roo as we work on making his arthritis more comfortable and we will be sharing his journey.

– Christina