Calico Jack


*** SOLD  ***


Calico Jack  (PtHA: Ima Two Timing Rascal)

1996 White and Black Paint Quarter Horse gelding.  Two blue eyes, two different color ears; one black, one white, splash of color on his right shoulder and left hindquarter/belly.  His lineage is unknown.  He is registered with the Pinto Horse Assocation of America only because of his unknown lineage, but he is in fact a Paint.

Roo was a competitive trail horse and has done some reining and cutting before coming to SCS.  He was retired due to arthritis in his shoulder.  We are still pinpointing exactly where it is, but we’ve started him on senior supplements to ease the pain.  His previous owner would use him as the confident horse that the younger horses could look up to during their first times out on the trail.  We planned on usin him in a similar way to help our baby OTTBs understand that not everything is scary or need to be overreacted to.  Roo joined our lesson program as a beginner horse.  Not much was asked of him other than to walk, trot and once to canter since light work is good for arthritis.  Mainly he got to enjoy semi-retirement.

We sold Roo on 1/28/2014 to Lisa Sahkul for her daughter to trail ride with.  Roo made it clear that being a lesson horse wasn’t what he wanted to do.  He was never bad for us, but he made it difficult for our less experienced beginner riders to do the basics with.  He mainly only enjoyed the grooming.  At his new home, he will get to have the one on one time he loves with his new little girl and we know she will spoil him rotten.

Who was Calico Jack?

Born John Rackham in December 27, 1682 he “was a Cuban-English pirate captain operating in the Bahamas and in Cuba during the early 18th century.  His nickname derived from the calico clothing he wore, while Jack is a diminutive of “John”.

“In October 1720, Rackham cruised near Jamaica, capturing numerous small fishing vessels, and terrorizing fishermen and women along the northern coastline. He came across a small vessel filled with eleven English pirates. Soon after, Rackham’s ship was attacked by an armed sloop sent by Governor Nicholas Lawes and was captured. Rackham and his crew were brought to Jamaica, where he and nearly all of his crew members were sentenced to be hanged.

In September 1720, Bahamas Governor Rogers had issued a warrant/proclamation declaring Rackham and his crew as pirates, but it was not published until October. About the same time, pirate hunter Jonathan Barnet was in pursuit of Rackham in Jamaica. Barnet captured Rackham and his crew while they were at anchor (and drunk) at Bry Harbour Bay in Jamaica, October 1720. They were tried and convicted in Spanish Town, Jamaica, in November 1720. Rackam was hanged in Port Royal on November 18, 1720.”  Wiki

He is well known for having two women crew members aboard his ship and the jolly roger of a skull and two swords.