Avery’s Past Has Been Revealed!


Avery’s Mysterious Past Isn’t So Mysterious Anymore!

As many of you guys know, Avery is my horse obsession.  I research crazy things to make him feel comfortable, hunt for deals on the best of the best for him, and probably everyone at the barn is tiring of me asking how “the Cutest Pony in the World” is doing.  Avery picked me to bond with when he came home from Camelot and the feeling was mutual.  I appear to be the only person who he puts his mouth up to my mouth as in giving a “kiss” in greeting in the field.  I feel a connection with him.  Maybe because I rescued him and feel responsible to make sure Avery never feels unloved/unwanted again or because we have a similar personality, happy-go-lucky/laid back but can be a grouch?  I share him through our lesson program.  When he’s acting up and forgetting his “act rights” with our students (aka being a green 6 year old OTTB) I feel responsible for him acting that way.  I’ve always wondered who was in Avery’s life before New Holland and Camelot.  Who took their time restarting him since he has a wonderful foundation? He was obviously loved, he is a recovering treat addict.  Why did he end up at those auctions, narrowly escaping slaughter twice?  Was it an injury that someone didn’t want to treat so they dumped him?  Was it a behavior they viewed as undesirable that they couldn’t be trained out?

Last night, we rec’d a PM on our FB page.  This message started shedding some light on Avery’s mysterious past.  Her name is Olivia and she purchased Avery from off the track and restarted him.  She had no idea what had befallen on our pony.  Last she knew of him was that he was living with the woman she sold Avery to with first right of refusal.  She has lots of pictures/videos of him and a name…Diamond.  So fitting!

It’s obvious through our limited messages back and forth that she loved him.  I will keep everyone updated as I learn more information as this is just in the beginning stage.  I wanted to share with you this exciting news.  My heart is overjoyed and yes, I’ve teared up a few times.  ;D


– Christina

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