It’s Official, We Have Our First Sponsor!!




It’s official!!  SCS has won a Professional sponsorship with WhinneyWear!!  This is our first sponsor!

We want to thank everyone who helped us win this spot.  We participated in their contest in selling their merchandise and we rec’d 10% commission from each sale.  I don’t have the exact amount yet, but we are rec’ing a check!  This money is going to go into our savings account to purchase our next horse.  We won the Professional sponsorship not only because we have amazing fans that bought items, but because we also go to enough shows throughout the year.

During this year, you can still help SCS out by using our coupon (Christina2014) for 10% off your sales and we will still receive commission.  Also during the year, we will be posting their new products (all their stuff is handmade!!) on our horses both at home in the barn and at shows.   Both Avery and Stewie have their own set of You’re So Fly fly boots.

If you are ready to shop, their website is:


WhinneyWear on FB