Davy Jones

*** SOLD***

Davy Jones (JC: Red Colony)

2011 West Virginian bred rose grey gelding by XChanger out of Smart Colony.  He was bred by O’Sullivan Farms.  Lines include Danzig.

Davy was a training horse that we purchased on November 8, 2014.  We noticed immediately that he had a large knee that feels boney.  He could not pick up his leg completely and had a limited range of motion.  He also held the leg slightly outwards.  On December 23rd x-rays revealed a year old break that has a lot of arthritic changes that is not operable.  He has been cleared to be a light riding horse by both vets that reviewed his x-rays.  He is sound!

Spring ’15 we started figuring out where his training had ended and he quickly progressed from there.  SCS trainer’s Kim has been working with him slowly.  Each training session, she gets very far because of his willing attitude and how smart he is.  Since starting his training Davy has a whole new attitude and has become very confident with himself.  His range of motion in his knee is normal now and the knee itself is no longer big.  He does get a feed through joint supplement and that has helped ease any pains and will most likely need to stay on something similar his entire life.

Davy is a very sweet and laid back horse.  Easy to be around and work with.  Always the horse new horses who join the herd become friends with right away.  Because of his laid back personality and easiness to train, already Davy has backed beginners and is being aimed for a life as a trail horse and therapeutic riding.

August 5th 2015, we sold Davy to Amanda S to be her trail riding companion and possibly some therapeutic riding later on.  We will miss our “puppy dog” and his sweet face around the barn.

Update 3/9/2016:  Davy’s new owner has figured out the puzzle of Davy’s previous life.  Very excited to find out exactly how he broke his knee and when.  Also his bloodlines.  Super excited to finally update his page.

Ground Work

Who was Davy Jones?

Davy Jones is believed to be a real sailor, David Jones who sailed the Indian Ocean in 1630’s.  However, the origin of Davy Jones’ Locker is unclear and most likely coming from the pirates’ superstitious beliefs about what was at the bottom of the ocean.  Now an idiom for the bottom of the sea, the resting place for sailors who drowned at sea.